Items that we manufacture to sell.

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  • Sound Waves

    New representation of a sound waveform
    that you can wear.

    It can be word, a name or even a short sentence.

  • Boxes

    Small colourful gift boxes for every occasion in exactly the size you need.
    It could even have a name on it!

  • Coasters

    Individually made coasters.
    One for each member of your family, or as a gift for friends?

  • Figurines

    Individually designed and hand finished figurines, mobile pieces and collectables.

  • Stencils

    Personalised, intricate stencils, suitable for latte art, cake decorating or other art work.  
    A name, a logo, a picture? Whatever you can think of.

  • Memo Clips

    Foto, Memo or Business Card Clip Holder

  • Brooches

    Attractive layered brooches

  • Vases

    Modern, cubism aesthetic

  • Bowls

    Modern and fractal snowflake inspired